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Given Below are some of your invaluable Feedbacks and Comments which have encouraged and inspired us to make
CardSpot a better Spot. Thank You all !!
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Sections I Like: Birthday. This is an excellent service, and I wanted to take an extra moment to convey my appreciation for your maintaining this site for free use! Thanks - T

From: Terry Frazier

Sections I Like: Cyber Cake a VERY cool site. just need more cybercake options!!!

From:Veronica Heystee

Sections I Like: good day bad day. need more friendship cards and just to say hi cards. they all are good cards thought. thank you .


Sections I Like: Birthday Office related humour/'far side' style stuff. Very good site - congratulations.

From: Rob Flynnn  

Sections I Like: Special Occassions I was only looking for a card for my friends birth, I will definately revisit this site soon. Wonderful music and adorable cards.

From: Peggy Barrett

Sections I Like: Birthday, love the cards, thankyou''

From: Deborah Dirvonsky

Sections I Like: Cyber Kiss, this site is really great

From: Steve

Sections I Like: Special Occassions. I have just tried Card Spot, and like it VERY MUCH!!

From: Renee

Sections I Like: Love all that i have seen so far

From: Betty  

Sections I Like: Friendship I just really like your cards.

From: Sabi

Sections I Like: Love not enough selection in many atagories as well as very limited selection of music for cards. What selesction there is is very nice.

From: Teresa

Sections I Like: Birthday, Special Occassions, Please have more choices of each kind.

From: Cindy

Sections I Like: Special Occassions, Great cards--thanks

From: Eunice

Sections I Like: Special Occassions, Love. this is my first time using Cardspot, so far I think it is great,,

From: Shay

Sections I Like: Birthday, Inspiration. It is a good service. You can add more variety and increase selection base.

From: N Srinivasan

Sections I Like: Birthday. Its really cool.

From: Joanne

Sections I Like: Birthday, I like them all. Thanks for such a great site.

From: Joan

Sections I Like: Cyber Cake, Gr8 site! Easy to use. Thanks!!!!!!

From: Earl

Sections I Like: Birthday, Special Occassions, this is a very nice way to send cards

From: Evelyn Miller

Sections I Like: I am relatively new on the net, and this is the best range of cards I have found. Thank You

From: Norm

Sections I Like: Birthday, Special Occassions, back to school, computers, jokes.

From: Linda

Sections I Like: i just discovered this site....great site..needs more musical choices though...:)

From: cyndie